Mast Cast 2: Adupin’ and Awonderin’

In this week’s episode of the Mast Cast, Rick and Ricky recap the Cup race in Atlanta (2:25 – 17:13), they open up the Ricktionary of racing terminology learned from Harry Gant (6:35 – 11:51), they share some memories of the late great Davey Allison (17:14 – 31:04), they have the first edition of Rick’s quote of the week (31:06 – 36:31) and Rick tells the story of how he used a farm animal to acquire his first race car (36:35 – 40:43).

One comment on “Mast Cast 2: Adupin’ and Awonderin’

  1. Andy Gurley says:

    Got a chance to listen to 2nd MastCast. Brought back great memories and loved the stories both of you remembers.

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