Mast Cast 21: Oil Up the Siren

Rick and Ricky discuss Chase Elliott’s big breakthrough win at Watkins Glen!

Mast Cast 15: Golf Carts and the Fog

Rick and Ricky share some Pocono stories and discuss the late Tim Richmond. They also discuss to drag racing, hockey and the time that young Rick wrecked his Dad’s golf cart.

Mast Cast 5: Rick and the Rattlesnakes

This week we talk about keeping perspective amidst heartbreak in sports, we recap all things from the Cup race in California including the inspection fiasco, AJ Foyt’s toughness, Rick’s quote of the week and finally, rattlesnakes.

Mast Cast 3: Rear Windows, Rowdy Burns & A Picket Fence

On this week’s episode of the Mast Cast, we discuss Kevin Harvick’s rear window and innovative ways of bending the rules in NASCAR (1:07-25:53), that time that Rick ended up at gunpoint while trying to get to the race in Vegas (25:56-34:33), Rick’s role as a stunt driver in Days of Thunder (34:38-43:29), other racing movies including some of our favorites as well as possibly the worst racing movie ever made (43:32-55:04) and quote of the week (55:07-57:54).

Mast Cast 2: Adupin’ and Awonderin’

In this week’s episode of the Mast Cast, Rick and Ricky recap the Cup race in Atlanta (2:25 – 17:13), they open up the Ricktionary of racing terminology learned from Harry Gant (6:35 – 11:51), they share some memories of the late great Davey Allison (17:14 – 31:04), they have the first edition of Rick’s quote of the week (31:06 – 36:31) and Rick tells the story of how he used a farm animal to acquire his first race car (36:35 – 40:43).