Mast Cast 18: Sponsors and Slide Jobs

Rick & Ricky talk Chicagoland, sponsors, and slide jobs.

Mast Cast 17: Nigel Mast, Road Racer

Rick and Ricky talk all things road racing, including memories at Sears Point, Watkins Glen and Road Atlanta and also the potential perils of becoming a NASCAR owner.

Mast Cast 16: Skunk Coefficients

Rick and Ricky recap Michigan, manufacturer battles throughout NASCAR history, the time that Rick almost killed Allen Bestwick and the amount of work that is poured into winning a race.

Mast Cast 15: Golf Carts and the Fog

Rick and Ricky share some Pocono stories and discuss the late Tim Richmond. They also discuss to drag racing, hockey and the time that young Rick wrecked his Dad’s golf cart.

Mast Cast 14: Broken Toilets and Beauty Pageants

Rick and Ricky discuss what happens when nature calls in the race car, old-school endurance training, the races in Monaco, Indy and Charlotte, betting on NASCAR, drivers who have done “The Double” and Rick talks about the time he and John Force judged a beauty pageant.

Mast Cast 13: Glamourtizing Airholes

They’re back! Rick and Ricky talk about the rules package at Charlotte and the racing that it produced, Rick discusses his disdain for the way that some members of the NASCAR media cover the sport and Ricky is excited about the Braves.

Mast Cast 12: You Get What You Give

Rick and Ricky talk about Kyle Petty’s Charity Ride and all of the good work that the Petty family has done, they recap the Dover race, they discuss Matt Kenseth returning at Kansas and the rumored potential sale of NASCAR.

Mast Cast 11: Earnhardt Plays The Trumpet & Ricky Lost His Wallet

Rick & Ricky recap their experience at Richmond (including the search for Ricky’s wallet), Ricky recalls his first time meeting Dale Earnhardt, Sr., Rick talks about Talladega & they discuss the tragic passing of James Hylton and his son.

Mast Cast 10: Live From Richmond!

Rick and Ricky team up with the Racing Virginia podcast and MRN’s Joe Moore for their first-ever LIVE podcast at Richmond Raceway!

Mast Cast 9: Bumpin’ and Runnin’

Rick and Ricky ponder if the “old Bristol” is back, Rick talks about the art of the “bump and run”, the quote of the week leads in to Rick’s thoughts on what today’s drivers should be doing to boost NASCAR’s popularity and Mast Cast is headed to Richmond!